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Nieuwsbrief van Soi Dog Thailand met 17 ontroerende foto's

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Dear Erna,

Welcome to this update from Soi Dog Foundation and news of a very exciting milestone! Thanks to support from people like you, an incredible 200,000 animals have now been spayed and neutered!
It is impossible to say exactly how many unwanted pups and kittens have been saved from being born into short, miserable lives as a result of this achievement, but without a doubt, we are talking millions. I am so grateful for the ongoing support of animal lovers like you, which is what makes this possible! Will you please join them?
Continuing to fight the Asian dog meat trade

I recently met with senior officials in Hanoi, Vietnam, to discuss the ending of dog and cat meat consumption in the city within five years. I was accompanied by other staff members from Soi Dog Foundation and members of “Instinct de Vies”, a French-founded, Vietnam-based dog and cat welfare group. The city of Hanoi has requested help from us to end rabies and train veterinarians among other things, but we have made it clear we must see a firm commitment from the mayor and the people’s committee to close the existing known 700 plus establishments selling dog and cat meat.
Asia’s dog meat trade will only end through pressure for legislative change and this will not happen overnight. However, Soi Dog Foundation is in this fight for the long-haul and with your support, I am confident we can eventually bring an end to this barbaric trade. Please join the fight to save Asia's dogs from torture and slaughter.
Your donation can now go twice as far!
In more great news, I was recently contacted by someone who has supported the animals in our care for many years now. This kind person has offered to match any donations made between now and March 31st, up to a maximum total of US$3,000. This is obviously a very exciting development, but only the first US$3,000 will be matched so please act quickly. Please click here to donate now, ensuring your donation goes twice as far! 
Loving shelter cats in desperate need of homes
Not so happy news from our cat hospital I’m afraid, where we continue to have to operate at full capacity. If you have ever thought about providing a shelter cat with a loving home, now is most definitely the time. All our cats are sterilised and vaccinated and have been rescued from horrendous suffering. Can you open your heart and home to save a cat from living out the rest of its life in a shelter?
Ninny has been waiting for a home for over six months now, having survived unimaginable trauma. She was found with severe injuries to one of her legs and one of her eyes and it was sadly too late to save either. Click here to adopt Ninny.
Little Ninny has bounced back however and manages just fine with her three legs and one eye. It saddens me to see her grow up in a shelter, with so many other homeless cats. It seems nobody wants her because she only has three legs and one eye. Poor Ninny does not deserve to be punished for this. Will you please help her?
Ninny can easily travel to the US, Canada or Europe, so if you would like more information on adopting her, please email nayomi@soidog.org. Click here to read more about Ninny.
Due to the increase in the numbers of cats and dogs needing treatment at our shelter, Soi Dog Foundation recently acquired some new land next to the existing facility. Construction will shortly begin on new dog enclosures, as well as a new state-of-the-art cat hospital. Such work is essential in order to cope with the increased numbers of animals needing long-term care.
Animal welfare education for the next generation
With support from people like you, our schools’ education programme continues, with the aim of changing things for future generations of animals here in Thailand. Soi Dog Foundation recently hosted pupils from two participating schools. The pupils were given a tour of the dog hospital and operating theatre, where the benefits of spaying and neutering were explained. The pupils also had lessons on how to approach dogs and cats, how to read a dog or cat’s body language, and how to be a responsible pet owner.  
Punish animal cruelty to the full extent of the law

I have no doubt that educating the future generation will mean less suffering for animals and less incidents of abandonment or abuse. In addition, Soi Dog Foundation is also actively campaigning to have cases of animal cruelty punished appropriately. 
Thailand only introduced its first Animal Welfare law in December 2014 but the sentencing handed down to date remains shockingly lenient. If there is to be a true deterrent in place, animal cruelty perpetrators must be punished to the full extent of the law. If you have not already done so, will you please add your voice to our campaign by signing the petition? Click here to sign now. 
The story of Chaz is what it's all about
I want to take just a moment now to introduce you to a very special boy named Chaz. This handsome boy was found in a shocking state of neglect. He was battling terrible skin problems and a large hernia, and all his fur had fallen out. He is nearly 11 years of age.
We will never know what happened to Chaz or how he ended up in such horrendous condition. What I can tell you is that there is no government funding for animals like him. You are truly the only hope they have and you are needed now like never before. Please help. 
Chaz needed intensive medical treatment and months of after-care to help him recover both physically and mentally from unimaginable trauma. None of it would have been possible without the kind people who donated to help him. This is what they have done for Chaz:
Animal lovers like you have transformed Chaz, in body and spirit. Their donations funded all his medical treatment and months of care at our shelter. He is not even recognisable as that sad, suffering dog I first met.  
Sadly, there are plenty of others just like him and they arrive at the Soi Dog shelter every single week. Your help is desperately needed if they are to stand a chance. Will you please promise them a small monthly gift that will change their world?
Troy has found a very special home!
In more happy news, I want to share a heart-warming video with you. This is the story of Troy, another helpless dog to arrive at our shelter in desperate need of help. Once again, his whole world has changed thanks to people like you. Will you please click here and commit to helping animals like him? 
Your support is desperately needed if more dogs and cats are to be saved. I know these suffering animals can count on you to help them.

Thank you,

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation
P.S. Donate before March 31st so that your donation is matched and goes twice as far! Click here to donate now. Thank you!
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