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Kent u Murphy nog? Video van net na haar geboorte tot haar derde verjaardag nu ( een geniet video )

Miomojo Cub House: From tiny cub to teenage birthday bear – watch rescued sun bear orphan turn three

Veel foto's en video van 

Rescued at just a few months old after poachers killed his mother, Murphy is still the cutest, most mischievous bear we’ve ever known.
In 2015, sun bear Murphy was discovered being smuggled in a backpack across the border from Laos to Vietnam. The authorities contacted Animals Asia who took him in.
He is still the youngest bear we have ever rescued so young he even learned to walk in our sanctuary. Since then he’s learned so much more: how to climb, forage, play, make friends and generally be a bear.
Today Murphy lives with four other orphaned sun bears in Animals Asia’s Miomojo Cub House. All five bears have become the family each has needed and they have grown up together in the best of health, surrounded by toys and bolstered by a nutritious diet – thanks to funding from Miomojo.
This month, little Murphy turned three years-old, and his carers are incredibly proud of him.
Animals Asia Bear Manager Sarah van Herpt, who cares for Murphy, said:
“Murphy is very child-like, perhaps as a result of being spoilt rotten!
“He’s an extremely mischievous, playful – and cheeky! – young bear. He is very curious and just loves new toys or food to try. The first time he saw bubbles blowing through his enclosure he reared up in surprise before settling in to watch the mysterious things floating through the air.
“Being a youngster still Murphy can be a bit naive at times, and he is often surprised when his friendly exuberance is rebuffed by some of his friends. However Murphy, while occasionally stubborn, is also very forgiving and loves all the bears in his group and his carers very much.”
Murphy’s smuggler was eventually apprehended and admitted to killing Murphy’s mother in order to traffic the then six to eight-week-old cub.
For a bear as young as Murphy, return to the wild was never an option. With no mother to protect him and teach him how to survive, he would have no chance of survival. Illegal poaching remains a serious problem in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, with the result that no safe areas for release have been identified.
Sun bears like Murphy can expect to live for 30 years. Animals Asia happily made that commitment. If you’d like to also make a commitment to Murphy, you can do so here by becoming his sponsor.
When becoming a sponsor, you’ll receive a special sponsorship pack with certificate and a photo of your new pal, Murphy – plus twice yearly updates about what mischief he’s been getting up to.
The Miomojo Cub House is part-funded by Miomojo – a responsible fashion company from Italy making gorgeous fashion accessories that don’t harm animals or the environment.


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