dinsdag 8 mei 2018

Urgente hulp gevraagd: Door een onterechte hondsdolheid bericht worden duizenden honden gedumpt

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Dear Erna,

This is an urgent appeal for ongoing help in dealing with the crisis situation at an animal quarantine facility in north-eastern Thailand.

Please pledge whatever you can now to help end such life-threatening emergencies.
In recent weeks, over 3,000 dogs and cats were rounded up as a result of a rabies scare and incarcerated in a facility that simply cannot cope. 1,800 animals have already died and the situation for the survivors remains critical. Please help us save them.
As a result of panicked scare mongering, many of the dogs and cats are abandoned pets - surrendered by owners who were terrified they might have rabies. We are desperately trying to save as many as possible but we need your help. Please donate to this urgent appeal.
Last week, our Director of Animal Welfare visited with a veterinary team and medical supplies. She was shocked by what she found. The makeshift shelter was desperately overcrowded and the animals were extremely weak, malnourished, and visibly sick.
Many were so thin that it appeared they had not eaten for weeks and were simply waiting to die. Deadly diseases like distemper and parvo virus were evident in every area. There were hardly any medical supplies or drugs available, including those necessary for humane euthanasia of suffering animals for whom nothing more could be done.
Our veterinary team has now stocked the facility with the necessary medication, including the drugs required for humane euthanasia where necessary. We have vaccinated all the animals and started them on life-saving medical treatment.

We have committed to providing more medical supplies as they are needed, but we urgently need your help. Please help us to continue responding to crisis situations like this as they arise. Please join the Emergency Response Team now.
Soi Dog Foundation has created a separate clinic area to treat the sick, along with separating small dogs from larger ones, and males from females. At the time of writing, the animals are currently too ill to be spayed or neutered and saving them from dying is the immediate priority. Please join the Emergency Response Team to help suffering animals in Thailand that have nobody else to turn to.
We cannot let these animals down but this task is huge. We simply cannot do it without you. Please act now.

Thank you.

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation
P.S. As you read this, animals are dying. Please act immediately to help stop this. Donate now to end the horror.
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