vrijdag 22 maart 2019

'Haal de honden uit hartonderzoek' campagne gaat zijn laatste fase in en Australië stopt met dierproeven voor cosmetica

Samen op naar een proefdiervrij Nederland

Onze campagne 'Honden uit Hartonderzoek' gaat zijn laatste fase in. We zetten de eindspurt in om aan het einde van deze maand de campagne succesvol te kunnen afsluiten. Onze directeur Debby zet nog één keer Robert Passier in het zonnetje!

Robert is ook één van de genomineerden voor de Willy van Heumenprijs voor het beste proefdiervrije onderzoek van de laatste jaren. Spannend! En wist je dat Australie zich aansluit bij de proefdiervrije cosmeticazone? Ook dat is mooi nieuws.

Lees snel verder! 

Eindspurt ingezet voor 'Honden uit Hartonderzoek'

Bekijk hier het project van Robert!

De beste proefdiervrije innovatie van 2019

Publieksdebat: proefdiervrije innovatie
Lees meer over de Willy van Heumenprijs 2019

Australie stopt ook met dierproeven voor cosmetica

Hier lees je alles over dierproeven en cosmetica
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woensdag 20 maart 2019

Een ongelofelijke transformatie......

U kunt Soi Dog steunen via de gegevens hieronder:

Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket wordt in Nederland vertegenwoordigd door:

Stichting Soi Dog

KvK nummer 37120202

Hoornseweg 17

1687ND Wognum


Rabobank Hoorn Medemblik

Nieuwe Steen 29

1625 HV Hoorn

IBAN: NL95RABO0113454880


Dear Erna,

The lady who arrived at our shelter with Driscoll in her arms said people were hitting and abusing him because they thought he was “dirty and stinky”.

They just wanted him to go away. 

Sadly, this is life for many sick and injured homeless cats in Thailand, but I’m writing today to show you how you can help them.

Driscoll’s condition when he was found was truly heart-breaking and he had clearly been suffering for some time. His fur was falling out, leaving bald patches all over his frail and emaciated body. He was covered in weeping sores and was red raw from scratching.

Driscoll had no owner to care for him or take him to a vet for the medical treatment he needed. And there is no government funding for cats like Driscoll.

These animals only have one hope. You.

Erna, will you please join our Care for Cats Club? Your membership will mean so many more cats like Driscoll can be taken to safety and receive the medical care they desperately need.

It will fund the rescue, care, and shelter of sick and injured homeless cats that have never known love. It will give cats like Driscoll a second chance. 

Thanks to the members of the Care for Cats Club, Driscoll was admitted to the small cat clinic at the Soi Dog shelter. His fur was shaved and his skin gently cleansed. He was vaccinated, given pain relief, and started on a course of medication to cure his skin problems. 

Erna, all of this was funded by people like you.

They saved Driscoll’s life.

Will you please join them so that more cats like him can be helped? 

Your membership of the Care for Cats Club will change the world for countless homeless cats that have nobody to help them.

It will mean sick and injured cats can be picked up, started on treatment, and given a safe, quiet space in which to heal.

It will mean homeless cats who’ve had to fight for survival every day, can finally experience what it is to be loved. 

This is all I want for the homeless cats of Thailand. 

With your support, it can happen.

Thank you.

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation

P.S. Driscoll was never dirty or stinky, he was just sick. Cats like him desperately need us. They have nobody else. Will you please help now?

Soi Dog Foundation, 167/9 Moo 4, Soi Mai Khao 10, Tambon Mai Khao, Amphur Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand
Phone +66  76-681-029

Soi Dog Foundation International's registered address is: Fondation Internationale Avenue Jules-Crosnier 6, 1206 Geneve, Switzerland. Registration number: CHE-393.768.679. Please note: do not use this address to contact us via postal mail. For all inquiries by postal mail please address to: Soi Dog Foundation, 167/9 Moo 4, Soi Mai Khao 10, Tambon Mai Khao, Amphur Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand

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