dinsdag 13 februari 2018

Ik heb nog nooit liefde gekend : Will you be my Valentine?

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Dear Erna,

Zadonin has never been loved.

From the day she was born on the street, to the moment she was hit by a car, she’s been all alone in the world.
Her story is typical of millions of street dogs in Thailand, hundreds of whom now live at the Soi Dog shelter. Will you please show a dog like Zadonin that she is loved? Become a dog’s best friend by joining the Sponsor Club now. 
Zadonin was dragging her hind legs when she was found. She had sustained serious injuries as a result of the car accident and was scared and confused. When she arrived at our shelter, our vets discovered she had a spinal fracture. It’s simply heart-breaking to think of the pain she was in and that up until then, she’d had nobody to care for her. Will you now care for her or another shelter dog in need?
The Soi Dog shelter is home to hundreds of dogs like Zadonin. They live here now after a lifetime of suffering. They are victims of abuse or abandonment, or they are recovering from sickness or injury. These dogs have never had a place to call home. They’ve never known a kind human touch. But you can change their future. Will you please help us care for them? Please sponsor a dog who has never known love.
Poor Zadonin tried to bite our vets at first. She didn’t understand that they were trying to help her, and why would she? Weak and emaciated, she struggled to stand as her back legs gave way with the effort. She was immediately started on pain relief and required months of medical treatment and physiotherapy to heal her injuries. 
Will you please help care for a shelter dog who’s recovering from trauma and suffering? By joining the Sponsor Club, you will be helping dogs who may spend the rest of their lives in our care. You will be funding their food, shelter, and medical treatment, and will receive regular updates and photos from your dog throughout the year. Please sponsor Zadonin or one of her friends now.  
Zadonin’s past trauma has left her incontinent and unable to control either her urine or bowel movements. Sadly, this means it may take longer for her to find a forever home and that special family who will love her. Until then, she will live in safety at the Soi Dog shelter, along with hundreds of others.
Will you help these dogs get the love and care they deserve? This Valentine’s Day, please become a dog’s best friend by joining the Sponsor Club.
Your support and compassion will change everything for a dog who is learning to trust again.

Thank you.

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation
P.S. Becoming a sponsor is the start of a beautiful relationship between you and a deserving shelter dog. Please sign up now. Thank you.
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