zaterdag 24 februari 2018

6 ontroerende foto's van Wishbone......ook zonder oog en oor mooi

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Dear Erna,

I’m writing to you to tell you the story of a remarkable cat named Wishbone. He’s been through the most horrendous suffering and yet, thanks to people like you, he has survived. His story is incredibly inspiring and testament to the power you have to make a world of difference.
The vets tell me Wishbone is about 6 years of age. He was found with the most horrific wound on top of his head. His left ear was missing, he was fighting cat flu, and he had corneal ulcers on both eyes. Most tragic of all is that Wishbone was all alone in the world. A homeless street cat, he had nobody who cared. If you love cats, will you please join the Care for Cats Club so cats like Wishbone can get the help they desperately need? 
When he arrived at our cat hospital, the wound on this poor boy’s head was dangerously infected. Infested with maggots, it was causing him unbearable pain and threatening his life. Left untreated, it would have eventually caused blood poisoning and a slow and agonising death.

But the members of the Care for Cats Club – animal lovers just like you – stepped in to fund his medical treatment and ultimately saved his life. Will you please join this small group of heroes and change the world for sick and injured homeless cats? 
Sadly, the damage to Wishbone's right eye had gone too far. His eye had to be removed and with it, the terrible pain he was in. He is now recovering well after his surgery and his horrendous suffering is at an end. All we wish for him now is a loving home of his own. 
The members of our Care for Cats Club make wonders happen for cats like Wishbone but sadly, we are now being asked to help more and more cats in need. We simply cannot do it without you. If you love cats, will you please take action on behalf of the unloved and unwanted cats that are suffering? Please click here to join the Care for Cats Club now!
Thank you for caring about these vulnerable animals.

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation
P.S. You can end the suffering of homeless and neglected cats by becoming a member of the Care for Cats Club, giving these innocent animals the care they deserve. Will you please click here to sign up now?

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