donderdag 15 maart 2018

De ongelofelijke 'voor' en 'na' foto's van Papaya

Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket wordt in Nederland vertegenwoordigd door:

Stichting Soi Dog

KvK nummer 37120202

Hoornseweg 17

1687ND Wognum



Rabobank Hoorn Medemblik

Nieuwe Steen 29

1625 HV Hoorn

IBAN: NL95RABO0113454880


Dear Erna,

On the crest of a steep hill, a trembling dog is found alone and starving. No more than a few months old, she is emaciated and terrified.

Her fur is long gone. Her eyes plead for help. There is no human being for miles around.
In despair, she is eating pieces of decaying papaya fruit that lie on the ground. She has literally nothing else. This is how Papaya got her name.
Erna, I’m pretty sure of what you would do in this heart-breaking situation. Just like Khun Thep, the 70-year-old Animal Rescue Officer who climbed that steep hill to rescue Papaya, you would not hesitate to help her. Will you please take action now so that other suffering animals can be rescued and cared for?
To say Papaya was skin and bones on arrival at our shelter would be an understatement. Her desperate condition would have broken your heart, as it did mine. Papaya trembled, both from fear and cold, a few sparse tufts all that remained of her fur. 
Erna, this is where you are so desperately needed. It is one thing to climb a hill to pick up a suffering animal, but what happens then? Without people like you, dogs like Papaya simply won’t survive. There is no government funding for their shelter and extensive medical treatment; there is no other source of help. There is only you.
Will you please pledge a small monthly gift so that more suffering animals like Papaya can get the help they desperately need?
It took months of medical treatment, nutritious food, and healing baths before Papaya began to turn a corner. In the early days, she was so weak we weren’t even sure she would make it. But when compassionate animal lovers like you respond to a suffering animal’s plea for help, you make the seemingly impossible happen.
Today, Papaya is so very different to the sad, scared, emaciated dog at the top of that hill. She is transformed in body and spirit. And this is all thanks to people like you.
Sadly, this week alone, I have met many other animals like Papaya – sick, injured or abused, they arrive at the shelter gates and have nowhere else to go. Please give what you can so that they too can be helped.
Just a few dollars a week has the power to heal suffering, remove fear, and restore happiness, where right now there is only pain, terror, and desperation. Please help those who have nobody but you.
Thank you.

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation
P.S. A monthly gift from someone like you will change the world for countless animals like Papaya. Please click here to help now.
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