dinsdag 17 april 2018

Is dit een hond? Onherkendbaar door vervilte vacht.....gelukkig een happy end video


Dear Erna,
What would you do if you found a dog in such horrifically neglected condition that it was barely recognisable as a dog? I already know the answer. You would immediately help it, as your ongoing support helps countless suffering animals every day. 
Flute was found by a kind lady who spotted him struggling to walk along a busy road. His fur was so matted, filthy, and overgrown that it was weighing him down and poor Flute was staggering under his heavy burden.
The lady followed Flute in an attempt to help him, but Flute was terrified and took off, hiding in some bushes at the side of a busy road. That’s when she took this picture and sent it to us.
When our Animal Rescue Officer arrived on the scene, people in the area told him that Flute had appeared there overnight and they had never seen him before. He had clearly been dumped.
Flute arrived at our shelter as a trembling ball of neglect. His fur was matted and filthy, with a terrible smell. The vets began to cut away at his dirty coat and gently bathed the red and inflamed skin that revealed itself underneath.

Flute was started on medical treatment, given a nourishing meal, and a soft bed to sleep in. You made all of this possible.
Erna, your support has changed the world for poor, suffering Flute, as it does for so many others. 
Today, after weeks of medical treatment and lots of TLC, he is a transformed dog. I want to show you this short video so you can see what you’ve done for a scared and abandoned little boy.
I hope you are proud of everything you achieve for animals like Flute. He simply wouldn’t have made it without you.

Thank you.

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