zaterdag 7 februari 2015

De bevrijding van Suzy in 7 foto' you girl!! Volg de redding van Suzy, een blinde oude circusolifant in India

Bericht van Wildlife SOS India:
A couple of months ago we wrote to you to announce our campaign to bring freedom to all of the 67 elephants in India that are still forced to perform in circuses.

We also told you about Suzy, a circus elephant who was blind, shackled and in desperate need of medical attention. We asked you to help us with securing her freedom and bringing her to our elephant rescue center.
The response was overwhelming... people from across the globe joined together to support this campaign and to fight for Suzy's freedom. 
And now? We are thrilled to report that we have secured all of the necessary legal papers to rescue Suzy and bring her to her new home. We can't give back her vision, but she will see for the first time what kindness feels like.

Foto's met dank aan mijn vrienden van:  De blinde Suzy aan het werk in een circus

 Een dierenarts bekijkt het gebit van Suzy
Katrick directeur van WildlifeSOS
De hele team die mee hebben geholpen Suzy te redden

In de truck op weg naar haar vrijheid
Daar gaat ze !! Love you girl xxxxx

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