zaterdag 14 november 2015

Ik ben in schok: Vandaag een klein ontroerend berichtje meer kan ik er niet van maken....sterkte!

Ik ben in schok. Kan de verschrikkingen van de aanslagen in Parijs niet verwerken. Daarom lieve lezers plaats ik vandaag een klein ontroerend mooi, onvertaald bericht. Meer kan ik er vandaag niet van maken. Ik wens alle mensen die dierbaren hebben verloren en/of zijn gewond geraakt in deze onmenselijke daad heel veel sterkte.

Police officers confront some very difficult situations on the roadways, and sometimes the cumulative impact can harden even the best of them. But Sergeant Darin Morgan of Norman, Okla., took the time to indulge his softer side last week when he came upon an injured Great Horned owl on the side of Interstate 35.
Courtesy Norman, Oklahoma Police Department / Facebook
Sgt. Morgan pulled his cruiser over and looked down at one very frightened bird. He gently approached the owl from behind and wrapped her safely in a towel.
With her talons somewhat immobilized, Sgt. Morgan was able to slip the little bundle of feathers into a backpack which he then secured in the front seat, and yes, he buckled her seatbelt.
Courtesy Norman, Oklahoma Police Department / Facebook
The owl rode quietly without complaint as they set out for WildCare Okalahoma where she is currently undergoing treatment.
“It is not everyday you see an owl in the front seat of a police car. Great work Sgt. Morgan!” said the department’s Facebook page.
11222041_966499336745891_5527513360475778738_oIk ben
WildCare Oklahoma/ Facebook
WildCareOklahoma reports that the owl made it through a surgery to pin a broken wing, and is now recovering. The ultimate plan is to release the owl back to the wild once the wing is fully healed.


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