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Kent u haar nog? Caitlyn was wereldwijd nieuws......haar bek getaped om niet te blaffen ( video )

You might remember this poor pooch, Caitlyn, who made worldwide headlines in the summer when her ‘owner’ taped her mouth shut to stop her barking…
The American Staffordshire-Terrier mix captured the hearts of millions when she was discovered severely abused on the streets of South Carolina by the Charleston Animal Society.

Caitlyn The Abused Dogs Amazing Day Following Recovery imageCharleston Animal Society
Her tongue was swollen and oozing pus, because all of the bloodflow to her mouth had been cut off. The pup underwent multiple surgeries and many thought she wouldn’t recover from the horrific abuse… but how wrong they were.
Caitlyn was given the ultimate gift by BarkBox to celebrate her comeback and treated to a day of pampering in honour of her resilience and amazing recovery.

Caitlyn The Abused Dogs Amazing Day Following Recovery imageB
Director of community engagement with the Charleston Animal Society, Kay Hyman, said:
Caitlyn is every dog. Every dog who’s been abused, neglected, she’s like the face for other dogs. And because of her bravery and her survival, I think that’s why Caitlyn deserves a dog’s best day.
Caitlyn The Abused Dogs Amazing Day Following Recovery image
New footage shows Caitlyn starting her best day ever by being gifted the doggy version of a key to the city by North Charleston Mayor R. Keith Summey.
The happy pup played the ultimate game of fetch, getting to chase as many balls as she wanted and also got to be the honorary firehouse dog of the day.

Caitlyn The Abused Dogs Amazing Day Following Recovery image
Caitlyn also went to Starbucks, where Hyman often brought the pooch during their days out and about, for a little treat and ended her day with a toy and treat bonanza with her shelter family.

Earlier this year, William Leonard Dodson, 41, was arrested and charged for the torture Caitlyn suffered, but recently waived his preliminary hearing.

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