woensdag 13 januari 2016

Met kokend water overgoten en van 4 hoog naar beneden gegooid: Hoe gaat het nu met Tuffy? ( video )

Tuffy – the dog who battled back to health and happiness after extreme cruelty is settling into his perfect new life.
Last year Tuffy was left for dead by his previous owner in Chengdu, China – who poured a pan of boiling water over him and threw him off a fourth four balcony. Luckily, animal lover Yan Yingying rescued him and took him to Animals Asia, whose vet team saved him.

Tuffy hang out with Yan and Tan Ge the dog

Months of dedicated care later, Tuffy’s life now is just like the lives of millions of other dogs around the world – happy and much loved.

So, what’s new with this miracle dog? During the Christmas season, Tuffy received plenty of new sweaters (some from as far away as the USA!) – which he needs to keep warm, as he’s still missing fur on many parts of his body.

He also received a visit from Animals Asia UK Ambassador Lesley Nicol, who had heard his story and was anxious to meet him. The Downton Abbey star and animal advocate participated in a ‘tea party for Tuffy’ at Animals Asia’s China sanctuary, that saw the happy pup reunited with all his favourite people.

Tuffy’s been happy to share his good fortune – last seen cuddling up to a grey kitten named Lucky, who Yan also recently rescued. Yan found Lucky abandoned on the street looking sad and bedraggled. The kitten was taken in, and before long the two were playing in Yan’s apartment – and smiling for the camera.

Tuffy shares his bed with the kitten Lucky

The story of the rescue and rehabilitation of Tuffy from his life-threatening injuries became known to animal lovers across the world late last year. Alongside newspaper headlines, the YouTube movie of his ordeal received almost one million plays. 

Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson said:

“The most wonderful outcome is that the greatest gift this extraordinary dog can ever enjoy is to have an ordinary life, and that’s exactly what he has now. He’s a dog that lives without pain, has nothing to worry about and is simply loved in China. He’ll never know just how much adoration he enjoys from animal lovers across the world – or how much he inspires us all too.”

L to R: Yan Yingying, Lesley Nicol, and Jill Robinson with Tuffy

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