maandag 18 januari 2016

Ontroerend: Zoveel pijn en dan opeens vanuit het niets is er hulp ( video )

A suffering street dog in India whose face was so badly deformed he resembled a pig has been given a new chance at life.
Animal rescue group Animal Aid India got a call from a village woman living on the outskirts of Udaipur who told it that a scrawny golden mutt could be seen wandering around with a snout the size of a basketball.
The group sent out a few volunteers to see if they could round up the unfortunate animal.
When they approached, they were shocked at what they saw. The left side of the pooch's face was so swollen that he looked more like a pig than a dog.
Although the pup wagged his tail when he saw the volunteers and happily ate the bits of biscuit they held out for him, he wouldn't let them touch him.
The volunteers had to get wily and one distracted the dog with food while the other tossed a butterfly net over his body.
 They then transported the dog back to base camp.
There, a veterinarian determined that the dog's swollen face was from a huge abscess -  likely formed from a dog bite that had become infected.
Performing surgery outside in less than ideal conditions, the vet sedated the dog, shaved and cleaned his cheek area, and then cut open the abscess, which gushed forth a practical river of bloody mucus.
After being drained and stitched up, the dog was back to looking normal within two weeks

The vet then flushed out the cavity, inserted a drainage tube, and stitched the pooch back up.
Within two weeks, his wound had healed, his face looked thin and normal, and he was back to wagging his tail on the grounds of the rescue.

According to Animal Aid's website, most of the street dogs they perform medical procedures on are then returned back to the street, where they are accustomed to living and usually travel in packs. The sheer number of street dogs makes it impossible for all of them to be permanently housed at the sanctuary.
But some animals with extreme disabilities will remain at the sanctuary.
It is unclear what will happen to this particular dog.  
To help Animal Aid India continue to rescue street dogs and other animals, visit their website.  

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