dinsdag 20 december 2016

Van de hel naar de hemel in 5 bewegende beelden

De hel van de berengalindustrie !!

When moon bear Bärli arrived at our sanctuary in 2010, he was a sight for sore eyes, but now he’s a “model” bear.
Poor Bärli was transferred to Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre in 2010 and sanctuary vets worked hard to find a solution to his chronic skin infection.
When he arrived he was almost bald. The disease had affected most of his body leaving the skin mottled and smelling of infection.
V071 - Baerli in TC on arrival

Thankfully, after intensive testing and trialling a number of medications, vets were finally able to come up with a method to control the issue.
Today, Bärli proudly sports a gorgeous coat. The previous infection can still surface now and then between his toes – and remnants are visible under his arms – but the constant irritation and pain is over as vets have learned to manage the condition.

Animals Asia Vietnam Bear and Vet Team Director said:
“To see Bärli reclining so comfortably on a sanctuary swing is a real joy. The photos show just how good his coat is now – he has blossomed into such a handsome bear! Remnants of his skin issues can still be seen on his upper arms especially close to the armpit, but overall he is unrecognisable from the bald bear who first arrived here six years ago.”


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