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Een wanhopige man heeft 25 wolven in zijn huis en tuin opgevangen ( video )

Voor de tweede keer in een korte tijd vraag ik u de lezers, voor begrip. Ik heb het momenteel heel druk en wie niet. In het dorp waar wij wonen gaan door bezuinigingen de bibliotheek en een openlucht zwembad dicht. Mijn actie om de bibliotheek te behouden heeft kans van slagen. Ik ben vrijwilligers aan het werven en in gesprek met de gemeente.

Dit ontroerend bericht mij toegestuurd door de Harmony Fund, kan ik vandaag niet vertalen maar ik beloof u beterschap. Geniet met me mee over het artikel van deze stoere held in Servië



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A Desperate Man Brings Wolves into His Home to Save Their Lives

The stars hang expectantly above the summer meadow on Gledic Mountain in Serbia, a place which is about to become the cradle of recovery for 25 wolves aching for freedom. The wolves are living in small household nooks, a basement and backyard pens which have been salvaged by their rescuer Dejan Gacic, a man who would lay down his life for any animal in need.
15Dejan began as a dog rescuer. Working alongside his mother Svetlana, he saved nearly 300 dogs who had been in dire need on the streets of Serbia. The dogs were housed at a home-based sanctuary and at a second sanctuary on the grounds of his deceased grandfather's home.
Majka i Smokvica 2Daily care of the dogs was a team effort, but when Svetlana (right) died quite unexpectedly during routine surgery, Dejan was suddenly alone in caring for the dogs. At the same time, local residents who had heard of his heroic efforts for the dogs began to ask if he might help with a wolf who had been in captivity for quite some time and the "owner" was about to release her to a canned hunt. 
Dejan thought to himself, "What would my mother do?" and then he did the only thing he could. He leapt in with both feet. He purchased the wolf from the man for a single bottle of liquor.

10508312_10202628842858776_1357008924_n"They usually call and tell me to come and take the wolf or it will be killed," Dejan explains of the many times he has been granted permission to rescue a 'defective' wolf who simply won't bring in a premium price when released from his cage and sent running into the woods to be chased by hunters. "I just have no strength to watch them suffer and I have no power to stop it. I never met a hunter who feels sorry for the wolves or for any other animals."

SAM_2117Over the last three years, more than two dozen wolves have made their way into Dejan's custody. And though he didn't have a solid plan on what to do with them, Dejan couldn't stand to see the wolves come to a terrible end. More times than he can count, he has simply hung his head and walked through a group of amused spectators who can't fathom why on earth this man has arrived to save some "dumb" wolf.

"I'm going early in the morning at 4am to see injured wolves," Dejan told us recently. "I am going with my uncle and a vet will come with us. God knows what we will find there. I'm very worried. The last information I have from 2 hours ago is that both injured wolves are still alive and have a chance to survive."

How We've Been Helping ...

dog wolf guy Dejan"Without you all these animals would be lost," Dejan told us at the Harmony Fund last year after receiving his first round of emergency funding to feed both the dogs and the wolves. "To live a hundred lives would not be long enough to thank you. I wish that my mother was alive to see all this. My animals just had their first proper meals after a long, long time."
Over the past year, the Harmony Fund has provided monthly supplies of food and veterinary care for all of the animals at Dejan's sanctuary. We've also relocated all the dogs to a single location. After a series of inquiries and applications at the goverment level, we are now poised to begin getting the wolves out of their cages and into the mountain air.

Please Help Us Build Them A Sanctuary!

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Though it will not be possible to completely release the wolves, they will have a "soft" release in which they will be grouped in packs and set free on large, fenced enclosures. In the reality we've been handed, we will do absolutely everything in our power to return them to a natural habitat and keep them safe from those who wish them harm.
Harmony Fund has taken this on as their latest challenge in a planetary mission to “Love the Underdog”. Because we are simultaneously addressing crisis situations for shelters in the Ukraine, the closure of a decrepit zoo in Indonesia and a multitude of anti-cruelty operations, we are deeply concerned about how soon we can get the wolves out. If the Harmony Fund is able to raise sufficient funds to begin construction in mid-August, the first paws should touch ground here by October, just in time for the wolves to be welcomed by crisp autumn air.

Some people think that charities enjoy asking for money, but the truth is, it's always uncomfortable for us. No matter how many ways we try to find free supplies, equipment and services, there is always a cost for the work we do - and for that- we have only you. 

Harmony Fund, 800 Main Street, Suite 217, Holden, MA 01520, USA
Tax ID Number: 27-1293736

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