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Dear Erna,

Over the years I have often found myself wondering why. When confronted with cases of horrific cruelty, it’s impossible not to question what makes people commit such vile acts. The first time I looked into Tim-Tam’s hurt-filled eyes was one of those moments.
As we approach World Stray Animals Day on April 4th, I am reminded of the sad circumstances in which she arrived at the Soi Dog shelter. Somebody had chopped off one of her back legs and her cries of suffering filled the room. I can’t imagine the unbearable pain she would have been in. To mark World Stray Animals Day, will you please take action now to help homeless animals like Tim-Tam?
Despite enduring a shocking attack, Tim-Tam still trusts humans
Support from compassionate animal lovers like you funded successful surgery for Tim-Tam, as well as her subsequent weeks of after-care. It warms my heart to tell you that Tim-Tam has made a wonderful recovery and has now been adopted. She will leave us shortly for her forever home in the US. Once again, people like you have changed the world for a vulnerable dog.
Tim-Tam today
I feel it’s important to highlight Tim-Tam’s story in the run-up to World Stray Animals Day because it illustrates perfectly the misery endured by homeless animals in Asia. To mark their special day, will you do something extraordinary and commit to a regular monthly gift, which will provide countless suffering animals with life-saving medical treatment?
Thank you for taking action for those who have nobody else.
John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation
P.S. This World Stray Animals Day, please do something very special. Click here now to help sick and injured homeless animals who simply won’t make it without you.


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