dinsdag 6 juni 2017

Heeft u een paar minuten tijd voor dit ontroerend verhaal? Alvast bedankt

It started out like any other day for Ura, a kind lady who feeds the stray dogs in her village. She didn't know she was about to meet a very special dog whose destiny would change forever thanks to her and people like you.
Please allow me a few minutes to share this beautiful story with you.
Ura was busy distributing food to the homeless dogs when the sound of frantic crying reached her ears. Following the distressed cries, she found Ranee lying motionless in an alleyway. The distraught pup was only a few weeks old but her condition was shocking. Ending this needless suffering is possible but only with your support. Will you please sign up now to help?
Little Ranee the morning she was found
Ranee had terrible skin problems. All her fur had fallen out and she was covered in ticks. A deep, maggot-infested wound cut into one of her ears. She was emaciated and her stomach distended from intestinal worms. Ura prayed she would survive the journey to our shelter.
The face of despair. Will you help dogs like her?
Erna, although heart-breaking to hear, Ranee’s story is ultimately one of hope. It speaks not only of a suffering dog’s will to survive, but of how people like you can  make it happen.
Having been rushed to our shelter, Ranee was gently bathed in a special shampoo to rid her of the shocking tick infestation. Her hairless body was cradled in a soft towel as she overcame her fear and eagerly ate a bowl of food. For the first time in her suffering-filled life, there was a glimmer of hope. 
Ranee during ongoing medical treatment funded by people like you
Ranee arrived at our shelter a broken spirit. Today, her eyes radiate with the carefree joy every pup should feel. Will you please click here now to change the future for dogs and cats who have no one else to turn to but you?
Ranee today. Please give another suffering dog a reason to smile!
Without people like you, Ranee would have never received the urgent medical treatment she needed. But thanks to the compassionate animal lovers who funded her treatment, she was given a second chance at life.
I see suffering such as what Ranee endured on an almost daily basis. But I also witness seemingly hopeless cases recover and find their forever homes all over the world.
This is what happens when someone shows they care. Sick and injured animals have their destinies changed through a small monthly donation. 
Erna, can I count on you to help more suffering animals like Ranee?
Thank you.
John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation
P.S. In Asia, suffering street animals live short, miserable lives and may never meet anyone who cares. Please click here to show them you do.


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