zaterdag 19 december 2015

Dat liefde echt levens kan redden ziet u hier in 10 schattige foto's ( waarschuwing de beelden kunnen TE lief zijn )

Wees nou eerlijk lieve lezers, dit is toch niet te vertalen? Spunky, little fella, fuzzy, deze lieflijke Engelse woorden horen helemaal bij dit schattig verhaal. Geniet ook van de foto's



First, they needed to give this little guy a bath. Afterwards, she wrapped him in a fuzzy sock to keep him warm.

finlley cooper rescued kitty

The poor thing was so hungry he devoured his kitten food. They decided to name him Finley Cooper.

finley cooper rescued kitty2

The vet gave him antibiotics and treated him for worms. He also drained the abscess on his chest. But because he was so young, he was unable to take antifungal medicine, meaning that the mange would have to wait. His kind new mom knitted him a little sweater in the meantime, to keep him warm.

Finley Cooper rescued kitty 5

Soon, he was feeling better. In a bold move, he decided to cross the gate and introduce himself to his new Pit Bull sibling, Dina. Dina instantly fell in love with the little one and quickly made friends with the sick little kitten.

finley cooper rescued kitty 3

Soon, it was time for another trip to the vet and they were finally able to treat his mange. He needed a bath in special shampoo every day, but soon, his fur started growing back.Finley Cooper rescued kitty 6

Once he was feeling better, Finley started to get all kinds of spunky.

Finley Cooper rescued kitty 8

He had also decided that sleeping with Dina was the best spot in the house.

Finley Cooper rescued kitty 9

Once his fur came in, his beautiful smoky grey color started to shine.

Finley Cooper rescued kitty 10

These days, Finley is a good as new, enjoying playtime and naptime as much as any other kitten. He also loves to lay in the sun.

Finley Cooper rescued kitty 11





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