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Ooit waren wij beren uit de berengalindustrie maar nu zijn we de 'sanctuary snoozers' ( in 10 luie foto's en video )

Slaapse !!

De hel van de berengalindustrie

Animals Asia has rescued nearly 600 bears from the bear bile industry and as they recover from their ordeal, their seasonal instincts return.
While caged they never had the chance to stay in tune with their natural urges – but that all changes as they slowly put their traumas behind them. Each year, the bears at our sanctuaries in Vietnam and China experience an array of seasonal behaviour shifts. Not all bears hibernate, but most experience a slowing down, a decreasing appetite and an increasing love of snoozes.

The bear has an exclusive bed
If you want to know how to get through the coldest months in style – make like a moon bear!\

1. Here’s how to do it. Eat!

Once they hit winter, bears tend to have less of an appetite as their bodies slow down. But in the months before, they prepare by eating everything in sight! Their carers make sure they get extra rations in summer and autumn – including plenty of nuts.

Dream Mischa Tebs enjoys food in her enclosure 3

2. Find someone special to cuddle up with

If you have a bunk built for two, why not share it? That’s the way sanctuary bears feel, often finding a friend to snuggle up with when winter hits. Some of our bears become best friends in this way. They’ll spend much of the winter curled up and waiting for spring.

Chanel and Longo snuggling up in the basket, CBRC 1

3. Nest!

We’re always glad to see our bears building nests, as it means they are exhibiting their natural behaviours. Some bears build nests by digging holes in the ground, others with twigs and browse – some clever bears even drag bedding material back to their dens. Each nest is an expression of its builder’s personality – an instinct they were denied while at the bile farm.

Jasper's net
TheFakir 465

4. Enjoy a lie-in

While not all bears hibernate, they do love a lie-in in winter – some will get up later; others will miss bedtime because they’re sleeping in the enclosure. Even the bears that remain relatively active will seem sleepy and move at a much slower pace.

Each bear chooses his own place to take a nap

5. Look forward to spring

So what are these moon bears dreaming of while passing another lazy winter? It can only be what we’re all dreaming of – an end to winter and a return to those warm months of playing outdoors! And pools, swings, climbing structures and sunshine.
There are over 10,000 bears still in cages in China, facing daily bile extractions for use in traditional medicine. There are over 1,200 more in Vietnam. Animals Asia continues to campaign for an end to this cruel practice. 
If you’d like to make a donation or buy a winter treat for these incredible bears – please go here.

A bear lies on his back on a hammock

Bears sleep so comfortably at their enclosure

Bears relax on the platform

Bears relax on the platform
Beste lezers heeft u genoten ? Laat het me weten als u het vertaald wil hebben Maar hoe vertaal je snoozers zonder het te verbasteren? Juist, niet dus.

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