maandag 22 mei 2017

Ik wou dat u Rose had kunnen zien vóór de behandeling wat een verschil met nu ( 6 foto's )

Dear Erna,

I wish you could have met Rose when I first laid eyes on her a few months ago. And I wish you could hold her today, to fully realise the extent of her transformation and the happy cat she has become.
Will you please join the Care for Cats Club now so that more suffering cats like Rose can get the happy ending they deserve?
Rose was found near our shelter by a Soi Dog staff member on her way to work one morning. In shocking condition, she was lying in a flooded rice field, her weak cries barely audible. 
Battling chronic skin problems, Rose’s face and legs were covered in painful sores. Crusty scabs were all over her ears. She was dehydrated and depressed, taking no interest in the food she was offered on arrival at our shelter.  
Rose in the care of the vet at our cat hospital
I didn’t know then what the future would hold for Rose, and if her incredibly weakened state would improve – or if it was simply too late. I certainly never expected the miracle that the members of the Care for Cats Club made happen.
A few weeks in and Rose's transformation has begun
Over the coming weeks, support for Rose poured in from the compassionate members of our Care for Cats Club – people just like you, who want to take action to end the suffering of street cats in Asia. 
Thanks to them, we were able to start Rose on the medical treatment she had needed for so long and we watched with joy as she began to blossom.
Her fur started to grow back where once there were bald patches. The scabs on her body began to heal and her appetite returned with a vengeance. I knew she’d truly turned a corner the morning she sat up in her cage and meowed loudly for breakfast.
An extraordinary recovery, thanks to people like you
Rose’s incredible recovery is testament to the power of a small monthly gift for animals that have nobody else. If you love cats, will you please join the Care for Cats Club? Your membership will mean more suffering cats can be rescued and given that second chance they deserve. It will mean more cats being spayed and neutered each month, preventing the birth of countless vulnerable kittens, who would otherwise go on to live short, pain-filled lives on the streets.
Now ready for a home of her own
I can’t bear to stand by and watch such suffering and I just know you can’t either. Please join me in ending it.
Thank you.
John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation
P.S. As a member of the Care for Cats Club, you will be taking direct action to help the homeless cats of Asia. Please sign up now to get started immediately. 

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