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Van de ' hel in de hemel ' 6 bevrijdde beren stellen zich voor ( prachtige foto's en verhalen )


Nieuwsbrief van een favoriete organisatie van mij:  Sorry even niet vertaald

While Animals Asia’s dedicated teams in China and Vietnam work hard to ensure our sanctuaries run perfectly – there’s another furrier set of colleagues who also like to take charge.

Van de hel in de hemel: 6 beren zijn in de hemel beland nadat ze uit de berengalindustrie zijn gered. ( zie foto )

The Vietnam team…

Parly,the Ambassador”

Whenever new friendships are to be brokered, it’s important to have diplomatic individuals on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. Super-friendly Parly is just such a character.
Known as “the ambassador” by the bear managers, his playful, non-aggressive nature and love of making new friends means Parly is the perfect candidate to make integrations run smoothly.
Parly tasting some fruit (2)

Maggie, “the Climbing Instructor”

Maggie is one of those individuals with a passion that she just can’t help but share.
Renowned for her climbing skills that see her spend most of her time at the sanctuary’s highest points, Maggie’s adventures have prompted many bears to try to follow her.
And although she doesn’t mind the company, there aren’t many bears that can walk skilfully across a rope strung between two standing logs.
Climbing is always Maggie's passion at VBRC, 2014 (1)

Mara, “the Peacemaker

This diplomatic bear does not like arguments. If she detects any conflict, she’ll rush to the "battle site" to break it up. When it comes to “troublemakers” or over-zealous wrestlers like Little Jane and Grillo, Mara’s watchful eye is ever vigilant.
Mara (left) playing with Mausi (right) in their enclosure, VBRC

The China bear team… 

Bodo, “the Food Taster”

Bodo is a big boy who isn’t built for exercise. Having only three legs doesn’t help him keep his weight down, but a bigger issue is the seriousness with which he takes his job. Bodo considers himself to be the sanctuary food taster – and he is a very zealous worker.
As soon as the slides open, Bodo is out like a shot foraging for every last piece of delicious fruit – desperate to perform his duty and give it all a “taste”.
Luckily, Bodo’s charming nature means the other bears don’t mind his vigorous tasting process. Bodo is firm friends with Harley and his fun loving nature means most bears enjoy splashing in the pool with this big friendly bear.
Bodo was about to eat this delicious ice block, CBRC 2011

Kevin, “the Events Manager"

Events Manager, Party Starter – call him what you will, Kevin always finds a way to have fun, and makes sure that everyone else does too.
This three-legged lad is constantly smiling, wrestling, playing with toys or even playing dress up!
Kevin looking happy with his friends, CBRC 2008

Minnie, “the Mattress Tester”

When Minnie is testing the suitability of a spot for a nap, the results are almost invariably positive.
By far the most dormant bear at our China sanctuary, Minnie is something of a slave to the snooze. Every winter she will lose her appetite and bed down for months on end.
The bear managers have to be alert to Minnie getting too comfortable around this time of year, because if they’re not careful, she’ll crash out in the enclosure . When that happens, nobody can go in to set up the enclosure with yummy food and toys until Minnie is through napping.
But generally, Minnie likes to make herself a cozy bed for winter. She’ll fill her hanging basket with cosy leaves and branches to make the perfect “mattress” then the only sound you’ll hear from her is the gentle snores of a satisfied sleeper.
Minnie enjoying some cabbage, CBRC 2013

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  1. Wat zijn het toch een prachtige dieren. Geweldig om te zien dat deze dieren iig gered zijn uit de hel en nu beren kunnen en mogen zijn.