woensdag 25 maart 2015

Video: 57 honden gered uit een Zuid-Koreaanse 'dog meat farm' hebben nu een gouden mandje in de VS

Bericht van de Humane Society International http://www.hsi.org/ :
We found the little puppy in a filth-encrusted cage, exposed to the brutal winter weather. But despite the terrible conditions she had endured, Elly was remarkably friendly and curious. Our team immediately fell in love with her.
Elly is one of 57 dogs HSI recently rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm.

We brought Elly and the others back to the United States, where they are receiving the care and attention they so desperately need. When she arrived at the San Francisco SPCA, Elly climbed right onto her doggie bed and started playing with the toys in her kennel.
She is having a wonderful time meeting new friends and learning how to be a dog!
Here's a description of the scene from our Animal Rescue Team of the farm Elly came from:
The barns are dark and cold… The cages don’t appear to have been cleaned for years. The dogs were being fed on animal carcasses - often with the entire carcass being just tossed to them. They circle endlessly. As you walk down the aisles, you see eyes peering out from the darkness and then the dogs slowly approach the front of their cages.  
This is the terrible industry we are trying to stop. These 57 dogs are now safe, but millions more are still suffering, hungry and scared. 
HSI is working with dog meat farmers to transition to more humane ways of making a living. This is the second time that a farmer has cooperated with us by agreeing to permanently shut down his dog meat farm and shift to crop-based farming.
Our goal is to help build a foundation of local and national support for ending the dog meat trade in South Korea.


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